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Thread: PSA to certain 1MAN imbeciles

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    Post PSA to certain 1MAN imbeciles

    This is a PSA to few players from 1MAN who have nothing better to do than to come troll,whinge and generally cause trouble on our servers:

    We have had Nilla/rotations servers' before 1MAN was even a thing and will continue to do so. Our current Nilla/Rotation server is nothing like 1MAN and we don't want it remotely to be anything like it. We are doing our own thing. Zero ♥♥♥♥s given to what's being done there and they should give zero ♥♥♥♥s as to what we do here.

    Again this is directed to the few losers from 1man who are so obsessed about our servers that will come and play on the server they apparently "hate" and write love poems about it on the 1Man forums. A new level of low.


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