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Thread: How to Watch a TTT Demo

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    How to Watch a TTT Demo

    Recently quite a few people have been asking me about how they can watch a demo in order to report rule breakers. This post will only show you how to actually watch a demo in CS:GO. If you need to know how to submit a demo report on a player, please go to Cindy's thread which explains everything very clearly:


    Step One:

    Go to dtkdemos.com and click on the folder TTT/


    Step Two:

    Find the demo you wish to watch. The exact date and time of each demo is shown next to them. (Filter by 'Last Modified' to find it easily).


    Step Three:

    Click on your desired demo to download it.

    Step Four:

    Open your File Explorer and locate your CS:GO folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive). I suggest creating a new folder here titled 'Demos'.


    Step Five:

    Drag and drop your downloaded demo file into this folder.

    Step Six:

    Launch CS:GO and type 'demoui' in console. Then click 'Load'. In the browser that appears, click the 'Folder Up' button in the top right. Once there, open your Demos folder and launch your demo.


    Step Seven:

    Watch the demo and find the specific tick/time in the demo where the rule breaking occurred. (Make sure you close demoui in order to switch between players and PoV's. You can always open demoui up again in console if you wish to slow down/speed up/pause/play/etc).


    Once you have watched your demo and are satisfied with everything, please go to Cindy's post which is linked at the top and learn how to actually submit it for admin review.

    Pictures have been added for each Step for visual assistance but the instructions provided are hopefully very straight forward.

    Kind Regards from the DtK TTT Admin Team.

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