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Thread: DtK Servers : Source TV / GOTV Demo's

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    Post DtK Servers : Source TV / GOTV Demo's

    Dear DtK Community,

    We previously used to offer Source TV demo's for some of our servers however due to issues arising after the Steam pipe updates, these were no longer available.

    You will be happy to know that Source TV demo's for our CSS Servers and GO TV demo's for our CS:GO servers will now be accessible to you.

    Note 1: Demo's are only recorded when there are at least 2 players on the server.
    Note 2: Demo's get uploaded at the end of the map or at the start of the new map. It is recommended to wait 5 minutes before trying to access the previous map's demo.
    Note 3: Demo's will not be available permanently. Older demo's will be deleted on a regular interval to conserve storage space.

    Where can I find DtK Source TV / GO TV Demo's?

    DtK Server STV/GOTV demo's can be found at : www.dtkdemos.com

    How do I find the correct DtK Source TV / GO TV Demo?

    Folder Structure: All servers will have it's own directory for demo's.

    File name format: Demo file names follow a special format.

    using this demo as an example - DtK-13112015-004349-de_dust2.dem.bz2


    DD - Day [1-31]
    MM - Month [1-12]
    YYYY - Year

    HH - Hour
    MM - Minute
    SS - Seconds

    (the time in demo file name refers to when the demo started recording and not when it finished recording)

    Use the actual filename as a reference and not the date modified information displayed on the page.

    What is a Source TV / GO TV Demo?

    Simply put, a demo is a recording. Imagine using a video camera to record yourself as you play a game on Dust2, once recorded you can use a media program to speed up, slow down, skip,etc to view the recorded footage. A demo works the same way.Both CSS and CS:GO allows players and the server to record demos. Once a demo has been recorded, it can be played back/viewed by the player. Demo files have a .dem extension and can only be viewed in the game it was recorded in. What is the difference between a player recorded demo and a server recorded demo? (SourceTV for CSS/GOTV for CS:GO). A player recorded demo will only contain the players perspective, you can only see what the player saw when the demo was being recorded and the demo is locked to first person POV. A SourceTV/GOTV demo will contain everything, you can spectate any player and use any POV.

    How to View Source TV / GO TV Demo?

    There are 2 ways:

    1. Manual method:

    -Download the demo file and place it in your mod directory
    for CS:GO this is usually : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\
    for CSS this is usually : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike
    - If the file is zipped (has a .bz2 extension), use a program like WinRaR to unzip it. This should leave you with a file with a .dem extension
    - Launch the game the demo is for
    - Type the following into the console (use the ~ key to bring up the console)
    playdemo demoname
    If your demo was called mydemo.dem, you would type playdemo mydemo
    - wait a few seconds and the demo should load.

    2. Automatic method:

    - Download the demo file and place it anywhere you wish
    - Launch the game the demo is for
    - Either press Shift+F2 or type demoui into the console
    - Use the now visible demo interface to load the demo.

    Source TV / GO TV Demo Usage and Tips/Tricks

    STV's and GOTV's can be used for various purposes. Some examples include; making a montage/frag/skill video/movie, learning - watching how someone plays (bhopper,surfer,etc) and lastly - for suspicious players, you might think someone is hacking and a demo might just verify that. Regardless of the purpose, there are certain commands as well as some tricks/tips that can be very useful. Will be listing these after compilation.
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    @Surf Admins

    could be something to look at to make promotional movie/l2surf video guide??
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    no Bhop one? the client is constantly on atleast 2 of the bhop servers but it doesn't show up in the directory?
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