Forum Rules

Dying to Kill Forum Rules

1. Be respectful of others at all times. (Applies to DtK game servers as well)

The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas. Occasionally, there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Be courteous when disagreeing with others. It is possible to disagree without being insulting. If someone disagrees with you, remember to respect their right to their own opinion. This works both ways. Don't be forceful or rude when expressing your opinion.

Obscene/sexual ,abusive, sexist , racist , homophobic (any forms of bigotry) comments will not be tolerated on the forums and PM's. This forum is family friendly.

If you want to talk with a filthy mouth, do it somewhere else.

2. Stay on topic.

Keep all your posts on topic do not reply to off-topic posts. If someone is spamming the forums or posting useless banter, don't reply to it. If you reply to spam with more spam, YOU are also in violation of the rules. Inform the moderator and let them handle it.

3. Signature graphics are permitted, but must follow these guidelines:

The size limits for signature graphics are as follows:

* Maximum height: 150 pixels
* Maximum width: 700 pixels
* Maximum number of images in signatures: 2

Only two image is allowed to be used in the signature. Signatures outside this limit will be edited and/or removed. Please remember, no pornographic, obscene or controversial subject matter of any kind (this includes political commentary). All content must be in good taste.

4. Ranting is prohibited.

A rant is a post which is long-winded, redundant and filled with angry, non-constructive comments. A free exchange of ideas is essential to building a strong sense of community, but rants are disruptive and incite flaming and trolling. Please post your thoughts in a concise, clear manner and avoid going off on rambling tangents.

5. No personal attacks. (Applies to DtK game servers as well)

Commonly known as flaming, personal attacks are posts which are designed to personally berate or insult another. Text of this nature is not beneficial to the community spirit and will not be tolerated.

6. Trolling is prohibited.

Trolling is the word used to describe a post that is deliberately designed for the purpose of angering and insulting the members of the forum community. Posts of this nature are disruptive and do not convey a friendly attitude.

7. No posting of personal information. (Applies to DtK game servers as well)

Please respect the privacy of other community members and do not give out information such as personal images, social media accounts,phone numbers and addresses.

8. Immediate banning from the forum can result from any of the following:

The posting of pornography; discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar content; posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity; posts or images that violate any laws; posts or images in breach of Non-Disclosure Agreements; providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned. Dying to Kill administrators and moderators reserve the right to ban users for any reason and without warning.

*If you are banned from the Dying to Kill Forums then YOU are personally banned. If you are found making additional accounts or trying to access the board in some other manner that will result in the banning of those accounts. In addition if someone on the board is found trying to help someone who was banned get access to the site it can result in their banning as well.

9. Spamming , bumping and 'necroing' threads are prohibited.

Spam is considered to be repetitive posting of the same text,images again and again or nonsensical posts that have no substance and are often designed to annoy other forum users. Bumping posts in order to keep them near the top of the list is also prohibited. Posts of this nature are not conducive to community spirit and are unwelcome.

Necroing is a term used when a user replies to a thread which is no longer relevant or could be considered dead. There is a no official age which defines when a thread is dead, it depends on the subject matter of the thread. A two year old thread could still be relevant and a three day old thread may be irrelevant and no longer require further discussion.

10. Impersonating another forum user, moderator, volunteer, or administrator is strictly prohibited.

You are expressly forbidden from impersonating anyone else, including those named above, on the forum even in jest. This rule also applies in any Dying to Kill chat rooms as well.

11. You may not post advertisements.

Posts discussing or linking to goods or services for real money are strictly prohibited. If you want to link to your own personal web site or service please contact the administrator first and see if it's appropriate for the forums.

12. Post constructively.

Negative feedback can be very useful, provided that it is presented in a civil, factual manner. Tell us what you don't like and why and how you feel it could be improved. Posts that are insulting and rude may be deleted, no matter how valid the ideas behind them may be.

13. Do not use excessively large fonts.

Do not use excessively large font sizes, as it is considered to be "shouting" and will be edited back down to the default size by the moderators.

14. Disputes which cannot be resolved between forum users and moderators may be arbitrated by the forum administrators.

To discuss problems or concerns, please send a private message to Dying to Kill Council Members and Staff.

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