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DtK | [FM] - Founding Member

Simply put, without these guys, DtK would not be around. They worked tirelessly to establish what is now known as the DtK Gaming Servers and DtK Community Forums. They are the true pillars to this Community. They will never be forgotten.



DtK | [C] - Council

The rule makers/owners of the community. The Council watch over the crowd with a vested interest ensuring the community is heading in the right direction.



DtK | [LM] - Life Member

Life membership is reserved as an honor to be bestowed by DtK in recognition of an individual's long and outstanding contribution to Dying to Kill Servers and Dying to Kill Community, that is well above what is normally expected, demonstrating significant leadership within Dying to Kill Community or outstanding innovation in Dying to Kill Community activities, and/or having enhanced the standing of Dying to Kill Community. It is DtKís highest accolade.



DtK | [S] - Staff

These smart guys have a wealth of knowledge and manage everything from forums to game servers. If you've got a problem, chances are, these guys can help you. They are also the ones responsible for accepting/rejecting new members into the community under the ever watchful eye of Council.



DtK | [SA] - Senior Administrator

Dedicated to an individual server these members liaise with JAís to ensure updates/issues and playerís behaviors are being kept in check. The SA is responsible for the numbers and reputation of the server and always keeps a keen eye on their Forum feedback.



DtK | [JA] - Junior Administrator

Individually handpicked by the server SAís. These are some of the most active players for each server. They have shown their dedication to the particular server and have been rewarded for it. Responsible for implementing new ideas, banning noob hackers and being an active role model to the rest of the players on the server.



DtK | [EM] - Event Manager

These guys are in charge of organising Events and Competitions while working with server Administrators to keep sanctioned events running smoothly. You will always see atleast one of these guys on the servers during events. Their role is important in ensuring we keep things spicy and fresh on the DtK servers.



DtK | [Jedi] - Jedi

This is one of the most honorable positions that can be held. It is considered that all Jediís have provided a concrete foundation to this community that could not be replaced or removed. The community rewards long-time members or those who have shown outstanding commitment to DtK with this rank.



DtK | [V] - Veteran

The old timers. Some of the longest serving members of the community, they show valour and commitment while providing valuable experience to those around them. They have a sense of calm about them whilst never being too far from the action.



DtK | [T] - Trooper

The Mercenary. These members have been here through all the changes and continue to show their support for DtK. They can be recognized as some of the hard core gamers amongst the community. They are passionate about seeing the community improve and endeavor to help where they can to inspire newcomers to join.



DtK | [M] - Member

The Core of the community. They have made it clear they are dedicated to DtK with the majority of their time spent on the servers and providing input on the forums. Members show their true colors by providing support for new players and ensuring itís an enjoyable community to be a part of.



DtK | [N] - Neophyte

The freshmen of the DtK community. These newly ordained members have taken an oath to serve the community. They do this by having a presence on the forums and game servers, and being a good representative to the greater community. How they behave during their time as a Neophyte will pave the way to their future positions within DtK.