This Guide and its subsections are for all DTK servers. Our forum rules also apply to the game servers. (see: Forum rules)

  • At DTK (Dying to Kill) we pride ourselves on game servers with very few in game rules.  We feel every player should be able to play how they want. On a lot of our Death Match server’s, player’s trial certain types of war strategies. Other communities and servers tend to place rules and restrictions on what you can and cannot do, they limit you learning certain skills and strategies so valuable in Pugs and Wars.
  • All DTK admin are instructed to only ban in  extreme cases, most instances of a banning is due to a player doing something that others cannot combat, e.g.,  intentional team killing on servers with friendly fire, or using hacks and exploits to gain an advantage.
  • DTK admin are handpicked and have been chosen because of their experience gained from  playing a specific server, admin are picked solely on their ability to interact with players on a server and the respect they have gained from their players.
  • DTK admin are under strict guidelines, they are all aware that they do not interfere with the players that are following the very few server rules outlined here, nor should they be messing with gravity, map rotation or any general server setting.
  • If you have a demo of anything like this, please submit the demo. We pride ourselves on our servers being free from admin interference. Demos can be submited at

  • We will  take any admin abuse demo very seriously.



Player command menu. Type !cp in chat in game.

!CP Abuse is not tolerated