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Thread: Map addition request: ze_crazykart_b4

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    Map addition request: ze_crazykart_b4

    Zombies Map Request Form
    What is the full map name?
    Link to the map
    Map Details
    added chat command: !kartcolor R G B (available to VIP+top3 players on scoreboard) type R G B between 0-255
    Added a sprite-trail to the top player by scoreboard
    Set low zombie HP (100hp) when their kart gets destroyed (so humans can easily kill them to gain extra score)
    Removed the env_explosion damage caused by the karts exploding, as it may cause issues if it kills humans
    The item-overlay will not constantly tick for players, should indicate better which item you have
    Prevented possible cheat-exploit in stage 5
    Optimized the kart tickrate/collision when broken
    Made sure that the karts cannot trigger itemboxes or world-spawned stars when broken
    Made the kart-positioning randomized when teleporting into a stage (to prevent doorhugging instead of voting)
    Added 5 more seconds to the "pick your kart" timer
    Reworked the player registry system completely, this should most definitely not bug players out from karts/laps/checkpoints
    Added some extra safety to the registry system as well, better safe than sorry
    Added more time to game_text renders (from 300 secs to 600)
    Tweaked the red shell to target with greater sight, works better in slopes now
    Tweaked the green+red shells to spawn at a fixed angle (to prevent funky behaviour)
    Added my ugly face
    Fixed kart health not rendering properly
    Tweaked the TakeDamage function, now there's a chance that you can get flung off your kart by enough damage+RNG (allowing people to steal your kart)
    Fixed issues where all karts could break completely when using the panic item
    Cleaned up/prevented weapons better
    Fixed bug where player could stay parented to kart in very rare situations
    Fixed issue where you could rightclick (play boing sound) in spawn
    Nerfed star damage from 50 to 40 (kart HP during race is 100)
    Nerfed bomb damage from 40 to 35
    Improved bomb angle/speed/time to make it hit targets in front easier, it was easy to blow yourself up previously
    Added a fullbright-skin for the karts
    Improved the star, now it makes your kart flash in fullbright for better effect
    Made the oil puddles slow you down slightly more (from 0.20 to 0.24)
    Increased the explosion-radius from the artillery+kartbreak explosions (from 128 unit diameter to 192)
    Fixed issue where you could get flung off your kart even if you are invincible by ghost/star
    Tweaked star royale mode so all karts only have 10HP (star hit will in other words insta-break your kart for a faster round)
    Tweaked battle mode so all karts only have 50HP (for a faster/more intense round)
    Made stars more rare in all stages except battle+star royale (the stars that spawn out in the world)
    Reworked the item chances heavily, OP/all-affecting items are more rare now
    Reworked the item chances separately for battle mode only to favor attack-based types (for more intensity/action/faster round)
    Reworked stage 3 completely without displacements in the driving-areas to prevent heavy lag (looks uglier, but it should solve the lag)
    Reworked stage 4 slightly to remove displacements you were driving on to prevent possible lag
    Made the beeping sound less loud
    Made the boing sound less loud
    Made the spinout sound less loud
    Tweaked the round-end detection to deal out score to remaining players in their karts (IF the round were to end early once in a blue moon)
    Fixed issue where battle+star royale mode didn't place/score you properly when the kart got destroyed
    Tweaked the kart spawn-rate from 0.10 to 0.40 seconds, should be easier on servers (especially as it might catch up on lag from the previous round)
    Updated the patron/VIP list
    Added Enviolinador as VIP (for help with the green shell bounce/vector logic + general vscript help)
    Added Snowy as VIP (for helping with a bunch of testing to find out about a crash reason)
    Added Syoudous as VIP (for helping out with various things in general, including the lag)
    Added Kaemon as VIP (can't forget the slacker)
    Added Dillinger as VIP (toke it up bro)
    This version was pushed out somewhat fast towards the end just to get the main fixes out there

    Once everything seems to be playing out alright the goal will be to add more stages/content
    For example, something that starts with "Rainbow" and ends with "road"
    Have you tested or played this map before?
    Map classification
    • This map is an update to an existing version present on the server
    Does this map have custom items?
    Not sure

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    This version is already on the server.

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