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  1. all good mate. Hope all is well after your accident.

  2. sorry jimmy dont know what the guys are up too when i get back ill see whats happening
  3. all gud boba, so im picking that the answer is no given the time differences between your last message and anything further? I appreciate your efforts. I really have nothing to redeem myself for, I simply moved on for better opportunities as none were presenting themselves at my current location, thats pretty much life isnt it?. I want to be an admin on DD2 again but not under the the pretense of trying to redeem myself, I have done no wrong other than trying to better nyself

  4. sorry i didnt get back to you i work from 12:30 so when i get home my wife turns on the computer just before she goes to bed so dnt think ive been avoiding you...anywazz dont worry your first on my list ive asked the councill to give you a chance once more and to reddem yourself soo things are getting in progress s15 is organising things hang on tight and ill let you know soon
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