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  1. haha that was indeed me shazza xD
    shiettt sorry shoulda said the whole name xD haha

    alg got the request
  2. it was you!

    Dammit, Sharon, why you gotta have that crap on your name for? =P
  3. Uh, no you didn't?
    The only request I had lately on steam was from someone with that shit in their name ... and I block those
  4. haha ermmm i didnt think that one threw actually xD

    i added you on steam, name would be monkiid
  5. Congratulations, but how on earth did you manage to give birth? =P
    add me on discord if you use it, we should catch up properly, mate.
  6. haha shiettttt xD
    you caught me
    im good, how about yourself

    ps just had a baby girl last night xD
  7. stalk my profile without sayin hi, bit rude m8...
    hope all is well. =)
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