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  1. Lol Swper the milk kid hahahahhaha
  2. Like Definetily. And ill bring Sly too. Swper hatesme now for some reason so he probs wouldnt come
  3. I miss you too chasssie , ill have to come to Adelaide nd meet up with you @ this cyber cafe you play in
  4. I miss you
  5. But i trust you
  6. hehehehehe You posted on Oxes thread saying only people you trust can see who you are :P hehehehehe

    Jokes, im kidding. (No pedo)
  7. AHhhhh shit, Still bad <3 Looks llike I was right........
  8. Visitor Massage
  9. This message isnt really long enough.
  10. NOOB!
    Blah bl;ah 10 characters
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