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Ever Rising Water
Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open seas Physics game.

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Latest Champions

Game Player Score Date
Brain Waves [DtK] [N] LiliJean 1:54:03 07-03-20, 02:58 AM
Vertigo: Gravity Llama [DtK] [T] yuuki 1:00:00 22-05-19, 01:00 PM
Dead Metal [DtK] [T] yuuki 2:04:01 03-12-18, 09:52 PM

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Game Player Score Date
Belial Chapter 2 [DtK] [N] Coffin 0:03:01 20-05-20, 04:46 PM
Brain Waves [DtK] [N] Coffin 0:01:00 20-05-20, 04:42 PM
Coaster Racer [DtK] [M] Jokerz 0:15:01 08-03-20, 06:23 PM

Longest Players

Player Time
Complex1ty 1 5:56:12
Blonk 1 4:20:56
[DtK] [T] GARRYtheGOON ツ 14:55:29

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Title Game Date
Friendly Challenge
Tyler thinks they can beat MeteorBlade!
Belial Chapter 2 [DtK] [V] Tyler
1 Wins
13-05-17, 11:07 AM

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